Photo by Alex Conchillos from Pexels

Do you still remember the first time I hurt you,
and what about the second time and the last?
Do you still remember what I put you through
even though everything was in the past?

I sometimes think of the first time you hurt me,
and also the second time and the last.
Do you believe that you would ever be free
from all the pain you suffered in the past?

Do you think that we all bear the scars
from when we made mistakes and felt heartache?
For me, I have as many scars as the stars
to remind me and haunt me even when I’m awake.

I’m sorry if the scars come back to haunt you,
for I didn’t know better when I made mistakes.
Do you think memories can make you feel blue?
I’m trying to create some good ones for your sake.

— Petra

This one just came randomly.