photo by @wirestock

I’m walking along a mountain top.
Not even know how long it has been
since the last time I stopped.

I haven’t seen a light for a long time.
On this lonely, long-winding road,
I’m tired and completely alone.

They said it would be fine.
I’d just have to walk for a while.

But how long is this going to take?
I’ve played for big stakes
and lost even my guiding star.

I just can’t stop in the middle of it all.
There’s nobody to break my fall.

And if I were to get back,
which way would I go?
Even if I could, I wouldn’t know.

I’ve come too far and have nothing left.
There’s only a huge test before me.
That’s where I’ll be…
before I get to the star.

— Petra

Listening to Billy Joel in the bathtub, I wrote this poem. Then I went and listen to the Beatles while finishing it. Hope you enjoy it. 🙂