Photo by Marilee Macilroy from Pexels

Flashing, flaring, agonizing pain coursed through my body.
I never thought that it would be such a calamity.

It hurt so bad but so strangely, the pain that you caused me.
I never thought that a friend like you’d put me in misery.

I was naive to think our friendship would forever last.
I never expected the end of us would come to pass.

We used to talk after midnight and laugh together.
Those moments were memories, but I’ll remember.

I let you go and no longer mourn our broken past.
I think of us, at times, and of the things I never asked.

Why did you leave, my friend, and what made you hate me so?
Was I not a good companion; now I’ll never know.

We probably grew apart, and it was just a natural thing,
’cause you didn’t seem to think something important went missing.

I’m just a goner in your life, always and forever.
I don’t think that I’m that someone you’d remember.

You will live your life, and I will live mine, separately.
We might cross paths someday, and I’ll be fine, eventually.

— Petra

I’m such an unfortunate soul who lost her best friends, time and again. Or is it just life, a natural thing?