Photo by from Pexels

I miss you and you have no idea how much.
I’m trying to reach you and feel you with my touch.

I’m doing all I can although it doesn’t seem much.
I hope you understand it’s just obligation and such.

When all is settled, I’ll be right at your place.
We’ll sit down and talk with no more debates.

Right now, I can only imagine your face.
You know, if I can, I’ll visit you posthaste.

What are you doing tonight; are you still up?
I’m working hard all night and still at the pub.

I hope you smile reading this and think of us.
Only one month away, please wait for me with trust.

— Petra

I’ve been MIA again, sorting things out. I’m trying to sleep early and get things in order. And rest. I also have been trying to finish a huge translation project so that I’ll have more time with my new novel. I wasn’t thinking of a guy or anyone when I started to write this poem. I was thinking about my writing, how I want to get to it once my current project is done. But as I wrote it, I thought about a young a couple. It was cute, a nice change. I rarely write something like this.

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