Photo by Gëzim Fazliu from Pexels

I don’t want to sound like I’m losing my mind,
and I haven’t felt like this for quite a while.
I thought you were close, but you’re so far away.
I’m not alright because you left me go astray.

I tried so hard to catch you with my frail hands,
but it didn’t go as well as I had planned.
You kept floating and floating away from my sight.
Only a few minutes gone and you flew up high.

No, don’t fly up to the sky, wildly I screamed,
please don’t make it all feel like just a dream.
You told me I had my own wings to fly,
but my wings were broken and you knew why.

Why don’t you come back, don’t you hear me cry?
Take my hand and tell me this is not goodbye.
I yelled all that but you only did turn your head
away from me even though you saw me bled.

All right, I’m here all alone again, aren’t I?
Here I’m by myself without you by my side.
I’m left with no hope and it all begins again.
I’m the only one who keeps fighting in vain.

— Petra

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