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Should I revisit Harry Potter and travel 21 years back in time?

I began to read the series when I was nine years old. I couldn’t remember precisely, and it wasn’t this exact copy. I read the translated version from book one to half of book six.

Then I stopped. I felt like I’d grown out of it, which sounds silly to me now. But back then I wasn’t good enough at English and had to wait for each book to be translated and published in my country. By the time book number six came out, I’d forgotten a lot of the character names. I couldn’t remember exactly when I bought this copy. It must have been during the time I was still in love with the series and wanted to read the original as well as the translated version. No doubt I grew up to be a translator. #nerdalert

I remember reading the first book one night at a long wooden table in the living room of my family’s old house. Sitting on a high log stool, I was very excited and told my dad about what I read. (Yup, I didn’t read the synopsis, blurb, or whatsoever, and didn’t know it was about a wizard.) Before I got the books, I knew nothing about the series. I just saw the first three books at a bookstore in my neighborhood, and they caught my eyes.

The series was one of the first books I read as a child and also an important part of my childhood memories. I rarely reread books I’ve read, but I think this might be a nice change.

What is the one book or book series that might take you back in time?

— Petra