Photo by Alan Cabello from Pexels

I used to love to go out and play,
Laughing, hanging out all day.
I used to get ready without delay,
Meeting new people, socializing at restaurants and cafes.

Now I think it’s all too much.
All of a sudden, I don’t want to be in touch.
I don’t want to be among the crowd,
And I’m screaming out loud.

It’s me, I am sick of it all.
I’m crawling back into my shell,
To learn more about myself.
What do I truly want?

What do I really feel?
Where else can I find peace,
If it’s not here within me?
I just want to flee.

From the chaos, I’ll escape.
I’m doing this for my own sake.
I need time alone to find myself:
Who I am and nothing else.

— Petra

I always thought of myself as an extreme extrovert. Now, I don’t know what’s happening. Maybe it’s all too much. I don’t want to lose myself, and poetry is my escape.

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