Photo by Johannes Plenio from Pexels

Worried, anxious, blind, I didn’t know where I was,
Fumbling, tumbling, I made my way of my own accord.
More than twice I strayed,
Wandering around and lost my way.

I ended up on the ground in the dark.
I believed it was an unchosen path.
Little did I know that it indeed was,
The path I’d chosen long, long ago.

How did I end up here, I wondered,
I sat in the dark and pondered.
Oh it was because I was afraid to plunge into the dark,
Still, I ended up here at long last.

As I sat there, feeling lost and alone,
I caught a glimpse of pale light on the horizon.
It was time to get back on my feet,
After a retreat from unproven fear.

This time I looked at the light, knowing,
That the dazzling blaze of sunshine would guide me.
I left the darkness to set myself free,
And forward I went to the place I shall be without fear.

— Petra