Photo by Tom Swinnen from Pexels

I heard the wind howling through the window.
The sweet rustling sound of leaves filled the air.
Dry leaves drifted in the sky beneath the shadow
Of the dark clouds that gathered above my despair.

The land and river had been bone dry.
The people and animals loudly growled.
No drop of rain had fallen from the sky.
For water, we all howled, hunting, on the prowl.

Walking out the door, I hoped for pouring rain,
To fall upon our face and wash our bones,
To satisfy our hunger and alleviate our pain.
I hoped we weren’t forsaken and left on our own.

As big drops of rain started to pelt down,
I stood still in the field of dry brown grass,
Letting the lashing rain take away my frown.
Prolonged suffering was relieved at long last.

— Petra

This year’s rainy season has been parched, and I simply miss the cool rain. It’s funny how such a simple thing can make one so happy.

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