Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels

I don’t know if I’m deliriously happy or just delirious. When you’re on antidepressants, sometimes you can’t tell the difference between being content and being high. Or at least that how I feel anyway.

It’s been around two months since I was back to medication. The first time I received medication I thought it was temporary. (Still, it could really be temporary.) And I wanted to stop it as soon as I could. I thought normal people shouldn’t be on med all the time, and for once I wanted to be normal. Not to mention all the side effects that drove me nuts.

And then things went wrong. Big time. If you follow my blog, you probably know that I need to take medication again. Now I’m at this point where I’m mentally stable, and my point of view has changed.

What happened with me might be genetic. I might need medication for the rest of my life. Who knows. But I don’t really care now. If these meds allow me to function without breaking down five times a week, then I’ll swallow them, pun intended. Side effects be damned.

Life is popcorn.

And I just made this phrase up.

I mean I’m kind of a nihilist , but I don’t think we’re here to suffer. At least we should have fun, not crying in the middle of the night for no reason.

My point is life is still interesting somewhat without mental disorders clouding it. If you’re hesitant about getting help with your mental illness, don’t be.

It’s okay to seek help. We’re not superheroes. Or maybe think about your mental illness as high blood pressure or other condition for that matter. Medical treatment will help.

And remember that life is popcorn. Yes, it’s a made-up phrase, but you get what I mean.

— Petra