Photo by Francesco Ungaro from Pexels

Here I was and here I stand.
I felt like I’ve been here
for a thousand years.

There’s been fear and tears,
yet I’m still standing
after so many years.

You might’ve called me
a failure and I might’ve proved
you right.

But after all those fights,
I’m still here,
breathing and trying.

Like nothing will ever stop me,
I will be
and I will rise

no matter how hard you tried
to deceive me
and hurt my pride.

I see you’ve taken your leave,
wonder where you’d be.
And would you be at peace?

Well, it doesn’t matter.
Don’t you remember
I’ve been here

since a long time ago.
And here without you,
I’ll just grow.

— Petra

Thanks for visiting my blog. If you like my poetry, don’t forget to follow me for more. This poem came to me so quickly. I literally wrote it in five minutes. So glad I didn’t go to bed early.