Photo by Andre Moura from Pexels

Is it actually happening this time?
I swear it has been such a long climb.

My feet are tired and my head hurts.
But I’m ready to prove my worth.

Strangely, I’m not anxious, but hopeful.
Seriously, this time I’m not boastful.

I’m looking at it right now; it’s so close.
My fingertips are touching it, almost.

Come to my hand, my glittering prize.
I’m gonna catch you by surprise.

It doesn’t sound like me to be sure like this.
But even the moon I’ll grab it.

Nothing is gonna stop me now,
listen, I’ve already made a vow.

You will be mine, you dazzling star.
I’ll keep you safe in a glass jar.

No, I won’t stop at you, little star
’cause I’m certain you’ll take me far.

— Petra