Photo by from Pexels

The temperature has finally dropped. I’m starting to see Christmas trees everywhere in town and couldn’t be happier.

This year hasn’t been kind to me at all. I’ve spent a lot of time rebounding and still feel like it’s not enough, so it’s pretty comforting to know that the end of the year is near.

This time of year is also my favorite. Who doesn’t love Christmas and a new year, a fresh start, right? I for one cannot wait for the new decade.

Here’s my plan for the rest of 2019: 

  1. Finish up my projects which include my third novel and a book series I’ve been translating. 
  2. Spend more time in the bathtub listening to Cigarettes After Sex (and some other good music) and drinking blooming flower tea.
  3. Sleep and sleep.
  4. Read some of the books I’ve bought over the year.
  5. Have the best time of my life.
  6. Celebrate my 30th birthday, Christmas, and the New Year. Buy myself presents.  
  7. Try not to have too much candy.
  8. Make some homemade soup and hot chocolate and maybe mulled wine.
  9. Go on a trip and take tons of pictures of Christmas trees and me.
  10. Be happy. Just be happy that I’ve survived this hell of a year. 

Whatever your plan may be, I think you should definitely add number 10 to the list if it isn’t there already.

As always, have a great time wherever you are. 🙂

— Petra