Photo by Julia Kuzenkov from Pexels

Everyone wants to roam wild and free,
be alone and wander aimlessly.
But there is nowhere I want to go to
if it means I have to go without you.

Even if I go, I still end up feeling lonely
’cause for me you’re the one and only.
And why would I need an escape,
if it means running away from you?

I’m just being truthful and saying what’s true.
Why would I want to be away from you?
I’ll be hearing your voice in my head,
missing your scent, your smile, and your face.

Sometimes, I feel like having a getaway,
taking a break and shutting everything out awhile.
But the yearning never lasts so long.
The next minute I want you and wish I wasn’t gone.

— Petra

The Internet is all about traveling alone. I’ve done it a couple of times (very short trips), and it just felt weird. It just felt quite lonely. Maybe I’m just a wimp, but it’s also the anxiety of leaving someone and everyone behind.

I think that’s the hardest thing about it. But we all need that alone time once in a while, right? So, I guess I’m going to do it again. 🙂