Photo by Hristo Fidanov from Pexels

In the still dark night, the moonlight hidden behind the clouds,
She looked straight to the water as though she was hypnotized.
Padding across the soft ground,
She slowly descended into the glass like surface.

As her feet touched the icy cold lake,
A chill swept through her body,
Gripping, squeezing, tightening her heart.
But still, she kept on walking.

Into the vastness, she went.
The water reached higher as she wandered deeper.
Then her feet barely touched the ground,
As she went fully down.

The deep dark water was all around,
Swallowing, consuming, pulling her down.
Her hair floated as she sank into the bottomless depth,
Her body heavy and numb in the darkness.

Then a flickering silver light shined through.
Her heart contracted, thumping, thudding inside,
As she awakened, her eyes wide,
Struggling, her arms fluttering.

She kicked her feet as she ascended from the darkness.
She soon broke the surface,
Sending ripples and ripples across the lake.
She gasped for air as the brilliant moonlight shone upon her face.