Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

If you’re a writer, you probably know about procrastination already. No, I mean if you’ve been writing for some time, you could be experts. But do read on in case I miss some activities. I’ll be sure to try it next time I procrastinate.

1. Clean the house. A writer’s house is messy only when a deadline is near. Normally, we’d rather keep it tidy. A clean house equals clear thinking.

2. Do other writing projects and pretend it’s part of your job. That’s what I’m doing right now instead of dealing with my WIP, just to make my point.

3. Binge on book series because reading is essential for all writers. Surely, a week of nonstop reading (not going out or doing anything else other than read, eat, and sleep a little) is guilt-free.

4. Workout. One should not hunch over their desk all the time. It’s bad for your body. You don’t write well with lower back pain.

5. Try new recipes. They say baking can be therapeutic, and you can’t work on an empty stomach. Don’t believe me? Try making a loaf of bread every day. You’ll get back to work in no time.

6. Do the laundry. It takes roughly one to two day to do a week of laundry (no ironing), so don’t forget.

7. Hang out with people. This is what I dislike the most, but I do realize that socializing can be a good thing once in a while. And you need fresh material for your books.

8. Do your research on various topics. You need to be well prepared. Watching 100 episodes of Chinese history on YouTube can’t hurt, right?

9. Ramble on your WIP. Talk about it, picture it in your head, play with the idea until you get it right. This is definitely part of your job. It’s like working without really working.

10. Daydream. Think about things that may or may not relate to your WIP. Who knows what you will come up with? You might hit on ideas for your future work, too.

11. Play with your pets. They deserve your love and attention.

12. Pamper yourself. With all the thinking we do, we all need a break from mental exhaustion.