Photo by Thought Catalog from Pexels

Have you ever felt that you are being monitored? I don’t mean by the Giant Techs such as Facebook or Google, but people around you. Your acquaintances, coworkers, or even family members.

Do you think you’ve shared too much information with the world? We all do that, right? At least, those of us who use social media regularly do that. We share our opinions, pictures, and all kinds of things on Facebook. We feel that these are normal to do as everyone around us also uses social media.

But at some point have you ever felt that you’re giving away too much? Your experiences, your embarrassing moments, your thoughts, your vulnerability are all exposed to everyone.

Why do we share things online in the first place? We’ve been using social media for so long that it has become part of our daily lives. But have we ever stopped to think why we share and why we share so much of ourselves for other people to see?

We might want some attention from others, so we share things with them. After all, we’re social creatures. We want a sense of existence, perhaps. That’s why we want others to look at us, look at the stuff that we share. And it’s even better if they like the things we share. We feel more important.

Some of us even create a better version of ourselves to share with the world because we want attention, admiration, and praise. It’s no surprising but all human, primitive.

If you’re like me, there are times when you might feel that all the sharing is too much that it’s disturbing. Our privacy is violated because we want to be liked by others. People know too much about us, and we become predictable.

Who are we fooling at the end of the day? Deep down we know that what we show others and who we truly are are different. But when we use social media, we end up sharing parts of ourselves that we’d be better of keeping private.

And why does what people think matter to you? In truth, people don’t really care what you wear last night. They only like your posts because then you’ll like theirs. And if they do care about your status updates so much and follow you religiously, that’s creepy.

I’ve written about quitting social media before, but to be honest those tips might not be as helpful as this post. It’s easier to quit or at least step back from Facebook once we realize that it’s all pointless.

What we post on Facebook or other social media for that matter is pointless. And we are sharing too much of our information online that it does more harm than good.

Next time you want peace of mind, you know what to do. Just log off.