Photo by Adonyi Gábor from Pexels

Regardless of what you think about me,
I will thrive.
How much you despise me
does not signify.

Hate on me like you always do.
Go on and tell people
about your opinion of me, too.

It’s in your nature to criticize others.
It makes me wonder
if you ever look at yourself.

I’ll only work hard as ever.
And you can do nothing to stop me.
No, never.

— Petra

When it comes to poetry, like everything else we normally do, we tend to write about love. But what about hatred? Should we not be able to express ourselves in every possible way in writing? I didn’t write this to spread hate. It was rather an acknowledgement that hate is just another feel of humans. And so many times in life, we get hated. It’s what people do. We love and hate, and we do so many other things, kind and unkind. If some people hate you, it’s perfectly normal. You realize it and go on living your life. You do not let it consume you.