Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

It’s hard and it makes you strong;
that doesn’t mean you have to
stick to it far too long.

You have come a long way.
It’s time to say goodbye.
Don’t wait until your hair goes gray.

Come what may, you’ll have to change.
Make it today, why not?
Anything can be arranged.

There are things to explore,
places you said you’d love to go.
Don’t waste your time no more.

Get it done and it’s over.
Let us start moving on.
How about this October?

Now is still not too late.
What are you afraid of?
Hit the accelerator.

It’s what you’ve been waiting for.
This is the moment.
Go ahead and open the door.

— Petra

I went to a bookstore yesterday. It had been quite a while, probably a month or so. I happened to have a few coupons. A small book by Paul Arden grabbed my attention. I bought it and read it last night. I was not big on self-help books. However, I translated business books a few years back and came to like them. Some of them are very informative.

I’m indecisive by nature and hadn’t been able to make a decision for months. Until last night; hence this poem. Hope you enjoy it.