Photo by Min An from Pexels

Can you remember how sweet the flowers smelled
the last summer when the soft wind blew, and you
stood in the field, listening to the clanging bells?

We sang together the songs of innocence,
and we all clapped and laughed and wildly spent.
In sheer bliss, we were ignorant of the wickedness.

Time was ticking, and we never stopped running,
forgetting and letting it slip, the time of youth.
We took it for granted until our world barely stood.

Then everything completely stopped, the clock dead,
the flowers dropped, and we are frozen in time.
’tis an era of nightmare, we are scared as fear spread.

Can you now remember how the Mother nature cried
when we wrung the rivers dry and cut the trees down?
No one can save us now if today we are to die.

I can’t remember the day when my feet touched the sand
and my face was gently felt by a summer breeze.
Am I just among the beasts who took ourselves from peace?

— Petra

I’m not one who believes in supernatural stuff. But I do believe in nature. These days, I often wonder if the pandemic might be a natural mechanism for the earth to heal.

Why do epidemics keep repeating? What’s the purpose of a virus? Is it because of humans like other problems?

There might not be an answer. But the pandemic really hit me badly. I’m okay with self-isolation and all. It’s just the way our government has been dealing with the situation that sickens me. People are dying and all the government is doing is covering up. They are lying to the people and the world. I especially feel bad for the poor in our country. What defense do they have?

I just couldn’t help but think what the elites have done and still do is take and take. They take advantage of people and the planet. And even in the time like this they let people die.

I don’t know what lies ahead. The spread is not ending in the near future. Our lives could profoundly change after this. Until the end comes, I don’t know what the world will be like. It could be the worst few years I experience in my whole life. And all I can do right now is stay at home and try not to get insane.

Isn’t that depressing? I need a break from the media. It’s hard because even though I stay away from the news, I still know deep down that people are dying every day.