Photo by Peter Fazekas from Pexels

Looking at the sparkling lights,
red, green, yellow, and white,
I’m counting down the minutes,
until the finish of the year 2019.

The songs of great happiness
and the scent of hot chocolate
courses through me like a comet.
And I pray with my eyes closed.

Let the new year bring hope again.
Let there be less and less pain.
Let there be bright lights
shining across the vast sky.

Let there be tender love
for my loved ones here and above.
Let there be everlasting peace
for every person walking down the street.

Let there be utter joy
for the boys and girls and the parents.
Let there be lots of presents
for both children and adults.

May your heart be light and warm,
and your health excellent,
physically, and mentally.
May you have a very happy new year.

— Petra

Happy New Year 2020!