Photo by Sitthan Kutty from Pexels

Patiently, I waited for happiness to knock on my door.
You said that I’d get all the things I implored for,
and that dreams wouldn’t come true overnight.
Anxiously, I waited for everything to turn out all right.

I wasn’t sure at all but I didn’t have another choice.
I’d chosen you and that was the only decision I made,
though I never think it’s a mistake and it’s clearly not.
You were the only thing I was certain I’d got.

When you swayed, I became fragile,
like a falling leaf on a tree that might not survive.
Although the raging storm swept over us,
somehow we got by, not unbroken but still fine.

Now it’s just another wait, not for happiness,
’cause it’s been years and years and I’m wiser than that.
But quietly, I’m waiting for the monsoon to pass by.
I might be crying but I know you and I will be all right.

— Petra

They say this year is dry, but I feel like the storm season is longer than ever. Time and again, though, I heal through poetry. Writing this poem, I feel like everything will be all right. It’s just another wait, nothing more than that. Life is a journey in a circle where we experience the same pain and happiness over and over.

Have you ever felt like you’ve been walking through the rain for a long time? I’ve been there, too. It’s going to be okay.

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